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Kota Gunjapur village in the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh has no electricity since independence. In 2017, the villagers thought their dreams would see the light of the day when electricity poles were ported to their village. But four years later, those poles are still lying there. Photo by Ramvishal Gond.

30 Years of Liberalisation: Existing Poor Energy Access May Dive Down further with Covid-19

Over the past few years, the Indian government has made a serious push to provide all Indian families electricity and cooking gas connection but the adoption of these modern and clean energy sources remains a big challenge.

How to get COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries – and still keep patent benefits...

The world has a COVID-19 vaccine access and distribution crisis. While almost half of all doses administered so far have been in Europe and North America, while many poorer countries have vaccinated less than than 1% of their populations.

The Need for Ensuring Authentic Covid-19 Data For Proper Policy Response 

Scientists have been drawing attention to the  need for a lot of caution to avoid overestimating Covid-19  deaths. This is necessary both to avoid panic and panic-driven unduly harsh measures.
The Unplanned Nationwide Lockdown

Lockdown Decisions Must Be Based On Very Careful Appraisal of Reliable Data

The following article underlines the importance of ensuring that all decisions about any kind of lockdown are taken with wisdom and attention to avoid confusions and hardships for the common masses.
A coed private school classroom in Kabul, September 2019. Girls’ education is still restricted in Taliban-controlled areas. Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Women in Afghanistan worry peace accord with Taliban extremists could cost them hard-won rights

Outspoken critics of the Taliban’s undemocratic vision of peace have often been threatened or killed, will this continue to compromise on women's access to rights in the future?
Bagmati river in Muzaffarpur. It flows across Bihar districts Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Muzaffarpur and Khagaria. Photo by Metro Media/IWMI/Flickr.

Farmers, near Bagmati river in Bihar, pick fertility of land over safety from floods

The Bihar government has been facing opposition, from locals, to the embankment project on River Bagmati. People of Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga district have been...

India’s staggering COVID crisis could have been avoided. But the government dropped its guard...

The article explores whether the Indian government is beginning to drop guard well too early into the COVID-19 pandemic and what needs to be done to address the problem now.

How Effective is the Union Budget 2021-22 in Terms of its Offerings to Women and...

The article below examines the effectiveness of the Budget in terms of its offerings to the women and child sectors.

As India’s COVID crisis worsens, leaders play the blame game while the poor suffer...

The need of the hour is for the nation-state to show decisive leadership in not only controlling the surge of the virus, but also providing financial assistance to millions of urban poor and making arrangements for them such that they can survive the pandemic with dignity.
An indigenous man and child featured in the documentary. Image by Michael Clark/Gravitas Ventures.

Amazon ‘Tribes on the Edge’: Q&A with documentary filmmaker Céline Cousteau

Tribes on the Edge is a documentary produced by CauseCentric Productions, it has been directed and co-written by Céline Cousteau.The documentary explores the themes of land threats, health crises, and human rights issues of indigenous peoples.

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