Thursday, January 20, 2022


Bell Hooks (1952-2021): A Fountain in a Spiritually Impoverished Academic World

To live fully we would need to let go of our fear of dying. That fear can be addressed by the love of living....

Sexism pushed Rosalind Franklin toward the scientific sidelines during her short life, but her...

What do coal, viruses and DNA have in common? The structures of each – the predominant power source of the early 20th century, one...

Celebrating Soccer Player Marcus Rashford’s Book Club Initiative for Underprivileged Ethnic Minorities in England

Soccer player Marcus Rashford’s efforts towards starting a book club for the marginalised children in United Kingdom is a worthy step that would help address an educational divide that sidelines children from ethnic minorities.

The Inspiring Story of Carola Rackete: A Captain who risked all to Save Libyan...

Carola Rackete who rescued more than 40 migrants off the coast of Libya and brought them to the forbidden waters of Italy knowing she would land in political jeopardy.

The Inspirational Story of Sabriye Tenberken

A sudden accident can often alter the path of one’s life. When Sabriye Tenberken lost her eyesight, she started on an inspirational journey to illuminate the lives of blind people around.

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