Friday, May 7, 2021

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    This is Sheer Madness, Mr. Vice-Chancellor

    JNU CRISIS In this perceptive piece, the author who has chosen to remain anonymous has expressed his anguish, raised nuanced pedagogic concerns, and articulated his voice of dissent against the measures the Jawharlal Nehru University administration has been taking to destroy the foundations of this iconic university.

    Dialogic Democracy is Central to JNU but Our Administration Acts Indifferent

    13 Deans and 38 Chairpersons, along with five Chairpersons of Special Centers are likely to be removed from their posts.

    JNU Vice-Chancellor: Are You Listening?

    In this perceptive piece, the author reflected on the recent crisis in JNU, and expressed her anguish over the way the present Vice-Chancellor is handling the entire issue.

    Endangered J.N.U. in the Era of Ideological Witch-Hunting

    FACULTY APPOINTMENT Can campuses in the country continue to fall victim to ideological witch-hunting? In recent months the fate of J.N.U. has seen several turning points and unsatisfactory recruitment of faculty, improper construction of Selection Committees and the perpetual tussle between the admiration and the larger community of teachers-students have made it a battleground. How long can a revenge based outlook to educational institutions remain the dominant discourse? Amit Joshi

    Boycott Television News Channels 

    In this passionately argued brief piece, the author has warned us of the hollowness of most of our television news channels; its consequences, as the author has pointed out, can prove to be disastrous. Prof. Avijit Pathak

    Contextualizing the Telephone as the Communication Device of Our Times

    Telecommunications have brought a massive change in the way in which we interact, communicate and express ourselves. Here the author takes us on a journey of personal narratives about how the telephone meant different things to her at various stages of her life and what it would mean to live without them it, a change. Ankita Chatterjee

    The Trap of Scientism and Technocratic Rationality: In Search of Liberating Education

    In this philosophically nuanced article (based on the foundation day lecture the author delivered at the Central Institute of Education, Delhi University on December 19, 2017) Professor Avijit Pathak has raised serious epistemological issues, and pleaded for an enriched dialogue between science and humanities.

    Conversation with Dr. Soumyabrata Choudhary :On the Aesthetics of Theater and Rethinking Pedagogic...

    On the Aesthetics of Theater  : Rethinking Pedagogic Practices In conversation with Dr. Soumyabrata  Choudhary. We discovered the inherent potential of theater for creative learning. Why is it...

    Mandatory Attendance and the Violation of the JNU Spirit

    MANDATORY ATTENDANCE | The classroom filled with just a few but interested learners is preferable to one that is overpopulated by a disinterested lot. The compulsory attendance proposal at JNU is regressive and truly against the spirit of the university. Aakash Ganguly

    Professor Edward Rodrigues: Graceful Withering Away of a Blooming Flower

    LIVING MEMORY Professor Avijit Pathak pays homage to his colleague and friend—a great pedagogue filled with passionate ideas, critical thinking and zeal for life.

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