Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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The Indian Journalistic Community is in an Unprecedented Need for Solidarity

The article reflects on the sustained onslaught on the media and the need for an urgent and active expression against the victimisation of the journalist community in the country.

Journalist Patricia Mukhim is Courageous As She Speaks Against Xenophobic Violence in Her Own...

As the editor of The Shillong Times, Patricia Mukhim has brought to the forefront an exhaustive critique of violence and xenophobia against non-tribals in Meghalaya.

Journalists are Frontline Warriors: Why Are Media Houses Using the Lockdown as an Excuse...

Media houses are sacking journalists and other employees and cutting down salaries. Is the lockdown being used as an excuse for mass retrenchment even by the big media names? 

Suspect Wanted in Gauri Lankesh Murder Case, Arrested

The Special Investigation Team of Karnataka has arrested prime suspect in Gauri Lankesh murder case from Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Valley Journalists Call Demonstration Against 100 Days of Internet Blackout

Journalists organised a protest against the internet gag prevalent in the Valley for the last 100 days.

Bangladesh, Digital Censorship and the Denial of Journalistic Space

BANGLADESH / The censorship over internet and denial of press freedom are challenges that journalists and concerned citizens face in Bangladesh.

Journalist Maria Ressa Arrested on Charges of Defamation

Maria Angelita Aycardo Ressa is a journalist from Philippines. She has been arrested on a defamation suit by the government.

Ram Chander Chhatrapati: The Price of Fearless Journalism in India

The notorious spirituality industry that seems to be proliferating in the nation had led to the murder of journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati who was killed for reporting on the illegitimate affairs of Baba Ram Rahim’s Dera.

Shahidul-Alam’s Arrest: Critical Crisis in Bangladesh’s Democracy

SPOTLIGHT Bangladesh’s well-known photojournalist was arrested in the wake of mass public movements in Bangladesh against unsafe roads. His camera captured the momentum of the streets and captured public discontentment.

Gauri Lankesh to Shujaat Bukhari :Report Finds India Non-Conducive to Journalism

VIEWPOINT ‘Death Watch’ is a recent report brought out by the IPI regarding the hostilities offered to journalists in nations such as India where in contemporary times several journalists have been at the target for speaking against the establishment.

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