Monday, April 19, 2021

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    Shillings, gods and runes: clues in language suggest a Semitic superpower in ancient northern...

    Remember when Australians paid in shillings and pence? New research suggests the words for these coins and other culturally important items and concepts are...
    Classical language

    Centre’s Preferential Bias to Sanskrit and the Revival of the Language Debate in Indian...

    Allegations about the Centre giving preferential treatment to Sanskrit have once again been highlighted by the news of its spending 22 times more on the promotion of the language compared to the other five classical languages of India.

    English as Empowerment? Karnataka’s Answer is Bilingual Classrooms

    Karnataka government schools strike balance between Kannada and English as mediums of instruction.

    Language as Politics and the Future of a Multilingual Nationality

    The complexity of the Indian nation-state draws majorly from the fact that there was and can never be a uniform acceptance of a singular language.The piece that follows takes us through this urgent crisis of our times.

    Critical Beings or Technocrats: Positivism in Social Science Classrooms

    As classrooms becoming distant from realty, students will emerge as technocrats but would fail to embrace a multiplicity socio-cultural perspective.

    The Path to Multilingualism Makes Us Enriched

    EDUCATION In a multilingual nation like India, it is paradoxical that parents often fear that teaching their children the mother tongue will restrict them from...

    A Fresh Approach to Teaching the English Language Innovatively

    Language is the essence of civilization and no human society can function without the passing on of language from one generation to the next. In the article that follows the author tries to suggest ways in which teaching the English language can be an innovative, engaging and fulfilling exercise.

    Hindi Diwas – 14th September | Hegemonic English: The Cleavage of Divided India

    The divide between India and Bharat is only widening. Language with its hegemonic power does have a significant role to play in erecting the wall between the elites and the masses. Can this hegemony be transcended or is language destined to become the new status symbol of modern India?

    Can the Subaltern Really Speak?

    Language is not just a medium of communication rather language is the symbol of power and cultural hegemony- it is through language that communities reign, defeat and diminish other communities and thus language becomes a major political tool in the process of nation building. It is time we questioned the hegemony of languages and developed a truly cosmopolitan approach for addressing this issue. How realistic are our claims towards the implementation of the three language formula?

    Respelling the three L’s: Language, Literature and Languish

    Respelling the three L’s: Language, Literature and Languish Language is the heartbeat of civilization and its achievements are credited to the development of language. However,...

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