Thursday, June 30, 2022


NDA Clearly Set to Form Government

The current trends in the election counting point towards a comfortable victory for the BJP led NDA, proving the predictions of the exit polls right.

‘The Pink List’: Queer Representation in Indian Politics and the Lok Sabha Elections

‘ The Pink List’ is a list of Indian politicians contesting the on-going Lok Sabha elections, who have shown support and worked towards integration of the LGBTQ community and their representation in Indian politics.

Does the Present Electoral System Reflect the Needs of Our Countrymen?

COMMENTARY / The contemporary electoral politics in India has become an occasion for the display of muscle and money strength and much less about delivering people’s needs.

Prime Minister’s Political Rally in West Bengal: Will the B JP Government Outcast a...

The battle between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP in the state of West Bengal will surely be one between political legacy and the power of assertive political campaigning.

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