Thursday, June 30, 2022


Disposable sanitary napkins are made primarily out of plastic. They take 500-800 years to fully disintegrate. Photoby Natracare/Unsplash.

What is sustainable menstruation and how can it help tackle menstrual waste?

Can the world move towards eco-friendly menstrual products for a sustainable future?

Surat State-Run Hospital Forces Municipal Corporation Employees to Undertake Demeaning Gynaecological Tests

A complaint has been registered by an employee union of Surat Municipal Corporation which alleges that several trainees were made to undergo two finger test and pregnancy tests at Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research. 

Perversiveness, Paedophillia And The Great Indian Paradox: Revisting The Recent Muzaffarnagar...

Perversiveness, Paedophillia And The Great Indian Paradox:    Revisting The Recent Muzaffarnagar School Drama In The Context Of Sexuality, Dignity And Public Spaces Ananya Pathak is...

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