Thursday, June 30, 2022


The design for the upcoming new Parliament Building

A Preliminary Look at India’s Upcoming New Parliament Building and How Much it Will...

Replacing the existing 93 year old Parliament building, the new Parliament structure which is part of the Vista Redevelopment Project will be built around a sprawling and gigantic campus of 64,000 sq metres. 
Melania Trump

Melania Trump to Visit ‘Happiness Class’ in Delhi Government School: CM Arvind Kejriwal and...

Delhi government sources say that the names of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia have been dropped from the school event that Melania Trump is scheduled to attend on Tuesday.

PM Modi and President Trump jointly addressed the media on Kashmir issue in France

There are many bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, and we don't want to trouble any third country. We can discuss and resolve these issues bilaterally," PM Modi said, addressing the media jointly with President Trump

Exit Polls, ‘Meditative’ Modi and Mahatma Gandhi as an Embarrassment

Is it that we love to consume Mr.Narendra Modi's diverse rasas?

Personality-Cult and Politics as a ‘Product’ Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

COMMODITIZED POLITICS The advertisement industry is a key tool for political parties today, from the PM to the Opposition we see how leaders are projected as ‘brands’ and a culture of commoditized politics begins to be taken for granted.

Why the Seoul Peace Prize Lead to a Controversy

POLITICS The Seoul Peace Prize was awarded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for fostering economic growth and furthering the development of democracy, as several Korean civil society groups staged a protest against the awarding.

India-Russia Formally Finalise the S-400 Air-Defence System Deal

The Russian President Vladimir Putin met Prime Minster Narendra Modi to finalise the 5.2 billion dollar defence deal in the capital. The air-defence system is expected by the year 2020.

Political Rhetoric and Human Possibilities

THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT From narcissism to silent action-life continues to surprise us You ought to be right, Mr. Modi!

Pakistan‘s 11th General Elections Brings Hopes of Democracy and Other Stories

THE LATEST Not just yet another news item.The New Leam evolves a way of seeing, and reflects on the mood of our times. Lynching, Mob Assaults...

Dilapidated but Shimmery: Our State of Affairs

THE LATEST | Not just yet another news item. The New Leam evolves a way of seeing, and reflects on the mood of our times. The New Leam Staff

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