Sunday, May 29, 2022


Kerala Death Toll Increases, Volunteers Deployed

The death toll in flood hit Kerala amplifies, more than one lakh volunteers at work.

Heavy Floods Hit Assam:Critical Days Ahead

Heavy monsoons have generated tremendous havoc for the state of Assam, as floods displace more than a million and kill at least ten.

Nearly 90,000 Become Landless Due to Massive Soil Erosion in Assam

Massive soil erosion in Assam has displaced a large section of people and rendered more than 90,000 others landless.

Unprecedented Fishing Ban Impacts Marginal Fishermen in Bangladesh

Holding placards and posters, ordinary fishermen protested the 65-Day ban on fishing that will drastically impact their livelihoods.

Mumbai, Monsoon and Madness

ARCHITECT/ Mumbai is on the brink of crisis annually as the monsoons hit the city. Overpowering concrete structures, unprecedented constructions and the lack of collective will need to be blamed for the situation. Is the rest of the nation prepared to learn a lesson?

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