Saturday, January 29, 2022


Nagaland is More Than Dog Meat, Does Mainstream India Care to Know?

The Nagaland government has put a ban on the import and sale of dog meat which has been a delicacy in the region, infuriating the Naga community and deepening its tensions with mainstream India.

Manipur Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Bill

A complete shutdown called by MANPAC and NEFIP has led to a total standstill in Manipur.

Naga Peace Talks Between NSCN-IM And Government Remains Inconclusive

NSCN (I-M)’s demand for a separate flag and constitution has not been accepted by the Government.

AFSPA Extended in Nagaland despite Repealing Pleas

The AFSPA has been extended in Nagaland for six more months after a notification was issued by the Home Ministry. The Centre asserted that the region was ‘disturbed and dangerous.’

Manipur Protests Imposition of Article 371 A

REPORTAGE The United Committee of Manipur staged a mass rally in Imphal to demand protection of the state’s integrity and unity and had requested no one to disturb their coexistence and cooperation.

Nagaland Floods, the Human Predicament and a Tribal Celebration

NAGALAND FLOOD The state of Nagaland has experienced one of the worst floods in recent history where a large number of families have been impacted and huge economic loses have been incurred. Despite the emergent crisis, the Sangtam tribe celebrated its annual harvest festival signifying the light of human possibility in hard times.

Nagaland in Need of Flood Restoration Program

REPORTAGE More than 48,821 families have been impacted due to floods in Nagaland rendering them homeless and without sufficient resources. With sustained government aid and sufficient work by authorities, it is hoped that Nagaland will recover.

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