Monday, October 25, 2021


Mining and Lockdown in Odisha’s Jajpur

Extensive Mining and Lockdown Unleash Severe Water Crisis in Odisha’s Jajpur

Extensive mining and drying up of natural water resources, compels people in Odisha’s Jajpur to use contaminated and polluted water in the scorching summers.

Women in slums, stranded migrant workers grapple with water access in Bhubaneswar

State authorities claim that around 65,000 migrant labourers are sheltered in Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar. But many are still stranded in different parts of the state struggling to get food and enough water to drink, let alone wash hands.

A Farm of Hope and New Ideas in Rural Odisha

AGRICULTURE Traditional folk agricultural knowledge has enabled farmers to produce crops sustainably and conserve the environment. The inspiring endeavor initiated by scientist Dr. Natabar Rout in Odisha reveals innovation and creativity in agriculture through simple means.

Linking the Good Health of Consumers to Better Income Opportunities for Farmers

Crops grown organically are beneficial to the health of the consumers and also help farmers increase their livelihood opportunities.

From UP to Odisha Train Accidents on the Rise

REPORTAGE Four railway accidents in less than 12 hours have been reported from UP and Odisha. While this is disheartening for the masses who use the railways as their primary mode of transportation it is time that the nation-state took its priorities seriously and reminded itself that before bringing in bullet trains our regular trains ought to guarantee safety.

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