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Parenting at the time of a pandemic/ Don’t Romanticize Parenthood

In this series on parenting at the time of a pandemic, Priya Naik narrates her engagement with her two children, and reflects--with a critical insight- on the meaning of being a mother at a time when the discourse of 'new-age parenting' is filled with an 'egoistic celebration of children'.

Parents, you don’t always need to entertain your kids – boredom is good for...

Boredom is an emotional state, that is temporary. A bored person has unpleasant feelings, lacks interest in completing tasks and has problems paying attention.

Caterpillar to Butterfly: Growing Up with My Transgender Child

Raising a transgender child is like discovering new roads to a treasure every day. There are hardships and pain that wait to be unfolded likewise there is an immense sense of happiness that waits to be discovered.

Uncovering the Tragedy of Modern Childhood

Jam packed daily schedules, excessive pressure of performance and the fear of lagging behind have made modern day childhood a strain for children and adults alike.

A Guide to Reading-Out to Your Child

The introduction of a child to the world of books is one of the best gifts that parenting can offer.

What Sort of Schools Are You Searching For, Dear Parents?

EDUCATION As the anxiety over children's admission into nursery classes becomes infectious, the author appeals to the parents to reflect on the 'goodness' of 'good' schools.

A Broken Home Leads to an Unhappy Childhood

Parental violence and conflict traumatise the child, making it impossible for her to lead a childhood in normalcy. While arriving at a solution may not be impossible it is important that the parents come together to rebuild a home of love and respect. Sundaresh. D.S.

Vacation Days and Guardian’s Worry

Holidays make guardians worried for their children and the significance of making proper utilisation of time is their motive. Will occupying them in hobby workshops solve the crisis?

Don’t Wait for Another Mishap

The news about murder, harassment of children keep on popping up on media very frequently nowadays. Are children safe in school? Are they safe anywhere? How to keep them safe? Because of the prevalent belief systems, wrong notions are nurtured by most of us and those have immediate consequences on our children. The article reflects on their consequences on our children.

School Admissions: A Matter of Choosing Education over Lifestyle

India faces an annual crisis in school admissions with the growing demand for seats in ‘good’ schools. The statistics however reveal that there are enough schools across the country to accommodate each child but many remain vacant because of poor infrastructure or reputation. What then is ‘good ‘education, and is it necessarily affluent/elitist in nature? What do we choose when we select a school ? Is it the education or is it a lifestyle?

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