Friday, August 6, 2021


    The design for the upcoming new Parliament Building

    A Preliminary Look at India’s Upcoming New Parliament Building and How Much it Will...

    Replacing the existing 93 year old Parliament building, the new Parliament structure which is part of the Vista Redevelopment Project will be built around a sprawling and gigantic campus of 64,000 sq metres. 

    Monsoon Session of Parliament to Begin With Cancellation of Critical ‘Question Hour’

    As Parliament sessions are scheduled to begin amid the coronavirus pandemic, Question Hour stands cancelled.

    From Virus Killing Machines to Gigantic Displays: Parliament Readied Ahead of Monsoon Session

    From gigantic display screens and audio devices to germicidal irradiation and spaced out seating arrangement, the Parliament is gearing up for the upcoming monsoon session.

    ‘Modi Mahals’ in Times of Corona: Opposition Against Construction of New Parliament Building

    The Opposition has condemned the Centre’s plans for a new Parliament building complex and suggested that it’s a mismanagement of resources while the country faces the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
    Social media PM Modi

    Rajya Sabha Member Demoted for Social Media Posts against Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Parliamentarian Urujul Hasan has been demoted to a lower grade by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat for five years for his social media posts on PM Modi.
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    PM Modi Hits Back at Opposition, Says “NPR Data Used for Welfare Schemes”

    PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha that the Opposition was opposing the NPR to deprive poor of welfare schemes.

    PM Modi Wants ‘Good Debates’ on Economy this Budget Session

    Speaking ahead of the Budget Session in Parliament, PM Narendra Modi said he is looking forward to 'good debates' in both the Houses of the Parliament
    Rahul Gandhi

    Rahul Gandhi’s “Rape in India” Remark Creates Ruckus in Parliament

    The BJP has protested Rahul Gandhi’s use of the term “Rape in India” in Parliament today, both Houses were adjourned.

    Citizenship Bill Will Ensure the Honour and Dignity of the Minorities, Says Home Minister...

    In defence of CAB, Home Minister Amit Shah says, “Muslims in India don’t need to worry.”
    Assam had been witnessing major daytime as well as night protests against the implementation of the NRC

    Assam Rages with Major Protests Against Contentious Citizenship Bill

    The CAB will be tabled in the Lok Sabha by Union Home Minister Amit Shah but is likely to face great opposition in the House.

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