Thursday, April 22, 2021

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    If Israel calls itself a democracy, it must uphold the dignity of prisoners too.

    As A Democracy, Israel Shows No Moral Tenet: El-Halabi’s Outcry for Justice

    If Israel wants to maintain its status as a democracy—and indeed it has never missed an opportunity to assert itself as the sole democracy in the Middle East—it must treat its prisoners with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, religion, or creed

    The Pandemic and the Plight of Female Inmates in Indian Jails

    The coronavirus pandemic has compelled us to reimagine the Indian prison from the vantage point of the female prisoner as she deals with issues like child-birth, assault and morbidities as infections multiply.

    America’s Prisons Are Outrageously Unjust and Need Immediate Attention

    If America really values freedom and respects human rights, its high time it rethinks and corrects outrageous injustice in the name of prison laws.
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    “I Do Not Want to Die in Here”: Letters From the Houston Jail

    A series of letters from detainees in one of America’s largest jails reveals the mounting dread and uncertainty as the coronavirus spreads inside the 7,500-inmate facility.

    Tihar Inmates Gain Access to Knowledge Amidst Prison Walls

    Tihar authorities set up an institute for the prison inmates in an attempt to provide them with life-improving opportunities.

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