Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Privacy may be under threat, but its protection alone isn’t enough to preserve civil...

Privacy is necessary to create independent-minded, free-thinking citizens who vote as they wish.

Apple Catches Social Media Application TikTok Spying on Users

A latest security feature in iOS 14 has red-handily caught popular social media platform TikTok for spying on millions of its users.

Data Protection Bill: Is it a Step to Weaken Citizens’ Rights?

If datasets are used in an unregulated manner, it may pose severe challenges surrounding misuse and trading of the citizens personal information.

Will the contentious Data Protection Bill make India an Orwellian State?

The Data Protection Bill and the Threats of Massive State Surveillance in India.

The Other Side of Discipline

In this brief note the editorial team has tried to indicate Foucault’s insights into the practice of school education.
Shaheen Bagh

Government Skips Opposition’s Query over use of Spyware Against 100 Activists and Journalists.

“No unauthorised interceptions have taken place” ,claims Union Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Surveillance Threat: India Preps For Nationwide Facial Recognition System

As India prepares to install a nationwide facial recognition system in an effort to catch criminals and find missing children, human rights and technology experts warn of risks to privacy due to increased surveillance.

Have We Internalized the Logic of Surveillance?

Is it that we have begun to love the culture of surveillance?

“No Privacy left for Anybody”: Supreme Court

The SC said there was “no privacy left for anybody”, while taking cognizance of the alleged intercepting of the phones of senior IPS officer Mukesh Gupta and his family.

NATGRID Access to Social Media Accounts: Safety or Breach of Privacy?

NATGRID would require a complete surveillance over the social lives of internet users and access to their online data.

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