Friday, August 14, 2020

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    ASHA Workers Protest at Jantar Mantar Against Low Salaries and Lack of Access to...

    From low salaries to lack of safety gear and extended work pressure, Delhi’s ASHA workers launch strike and protest at Jantar Mantar.

    ‘Black Lives Matter’ Painted Outside Trump Tower, NewYork City Mayor Helps

    New Your City mayor and his wife, Chirlane McCray help protestors  paint a popular slogan against hatred and discrimination and inscribe ‘ Black Lives...

    Hachalu Hundessa: charismatic musician who wasn’t afraid to champion Ethiopia’s Oromo

    Anyone who steps into the public sphere in Ethiopia is also a potential political leader. In this atmosphere, an outspoken musician runs a high...

    Status of Christopher Columbus Pulled-Down by Anti-Racism Protesters in Baltimore

    Baltimore’s Columbus statue gets dumped in the harbor — J. M. Giordano photo (@jmgpix) July 5, 2020 During anti-racism protests in Baltimore, Maryland, a statue...

    Ethiopia Seeks Answers to the Brutal Murder of Revolutionary Singer-Poet Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

    Revolutionary Ethiopian poet-singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa’s brutal murder has angered his people and unleashed countrywide protests.

    Hong Kong Protest: Hundreds of People Arrested for Protesting Against Controversial Security Law

    The newly passed national security law applies to everyone who speaks or protests against China or Hong Kong authorities.After the passing of the controversial...

    China Claims its New Security Law Will Act as a “Sword” Over Lawbreakers’ Heads

    Will China’s new security law curb freedom and political resistance in the semi-autonomous city of Hong-Kong?
    George Floyd

    The Brutal Murder of George Floyd Underlines America’s Ingrained Discomfort with the Black Community

    The brutal murder of George Floyd highlights President Donald Trump’s overt racism, the muted leadership of the Republican Party, and its antipathy toward the black community.

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