Monday, May 23, 2022


DTC’s Restrictions on Passenger Intake in COVID-19 Protocol is Exclusivist

While keeping passengers under restrictions in Delhi’s public transport may be a step to ensure that COVID-19 is at bay, is the new protocol turning anti-people?

Coronavirus showed the way cities fund public transport is broken – here’s how it...

COVID-19 has triggered a crisis for public transport, as lockdowns caused its use to plummet by 70-90% worldwide. Even as lockdowns ease, buses and...
migrant workers be eager to come back

Centre Vs Opposition: Who is Really Paying for the Train Fares of Migrant Workers?

The Centre’s decision to make migrant workers pay for train tickets invited vehement criticism from the Opposition, later the onus was shifted on the railways and the respective states. But what really is the truth?

Delhi Metro Loses Stronghold of Commuters

The rapid fall in the commuters of Delhi Metro is a cause of worry because it was considered one of the major transportation channels in the city.

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