Friday, May 7, 2021

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    Tagore, Ramgarh and the Tale of a Brick

    As tourism as an industry destroys our ways of seeing , and imposes its package of food, entertainment and time-governed spot visits, The New Leam team undertakes a qualitatively different journey. Gandhi’s spirit of walking and Thoureau’s love for the woods and solitude—the treasure was with us. We rediscovered Tagore at Ramgarh, and the tale of a brick enlightened us.

    Adore uniqueness; resist the ugly practice of ranking universities

    These days colleges/ universities are ranked frequently. We take it for granted; we tend to believe that it is good for retaining the quality of higher education. However, in this article, the author who is teaching at Jawaharlal Nehru University gives counter-arguments, and wants us to see the ugly consequences of the culture of ranking educational institutions.

    Meeting Kabuli Wala on the Threshold of Real and Unreal

    If food nourishes the body the soul finds its nourishment through stories. Stories are at the heart of human civilization as they were both the earliest pedagogic tools and also an eternal source of entertainment for all generations. Stories hold the power to transport us to new lands and meet people we have never really known; such is their potential for creativity. The author shares an anecdote when storytelling revealed its brilliance once again.

    On Stories, Childhood and Ecological Consciousness By Professor Avijit Pathak

    On Stories, Childhood and Ecological Consciousness In this article the author rediscovers two beautiful stories and reflects on childhood and ecological consciousness in the context...

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