Sunday, February 28, 2021

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    The Pandemic and the Glimpses of Digital Divide from Rajasthan’s Barmer district

    No electricity for prolonged periods of time, sporadic internet connectivity and a lack of access to technological tools, the story of Barmer depicts the issues around the digital divide.

    Family of Hindu Migrants From Pakistan Found Dead in Rajasthan

    Eleven people from a single family were found dead in Rajasthan. The family was that of Hindu migrants from Pakistan.

    Auto-rickshaw Driver Gapphar Ahmad Assaulted in Rajasthan After He Refuses to Chant “ Modi...

    An auto rickshaw driver was brutally beaten up by two men in Rajasthan after he refused to chant slogans of "Modi Zindabad" and "Jai Shri Ram".

    High-Intensity Political Drama in Rajasthan Amid CM Ashok Gehlot’s Sedition Charges Against MLAs

    Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot’s sedition charges against two MLAs for engaging in alleged horse-trading has been condemned by the PUCL.

    Sachin Pilot Refuses to Join BJP as CM Ashok Gehlot Retains Support Amid Rajasthan...

    Sachin Pilot has decided against joining the BJP and the Congress is keen to rehabilitate him, the coming weeks will explain how.

    Sachin Pilot No Longer Deputy CM of Rajasthan as Power Tussle Intensifies

    CM Ashok Gehlot led Congress government has been made vulnerable after Sachin Pilot’s revolt and the dwindling numbers may aggravate the crisis in Rajasthan’s politics.

    Rajasthan in Crisis as Sachin Pilot & Over a Dozen Congress MLAs in Talks...

    Deputy chief minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot is said to be in touch with the BJP according to recent media reports that suggest possibility of government topple in the state

    High Degree of Pollutants Infect Rajasthan’s Groundwater

    The Duke University India Initiative has shown how water in Rajasthan is undrinkable without treatment.

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