Thursday, June 30, 2022


The Challenges of Not Knowing the Local Language in Remote Schools of Rajasthan

The local language may often be the key to communicating and establishing a bond in remote corners and not knowing it can pose several challenges.

Extreme Cold and Medical Negligence Kills Over 100 Infants in Kota Hospital

Ten more infants have died in the last week of December, taking the death toll to 102 at Kota’s state-run JK Lon Hospital.

Why did thousands of migratory birds die mysteriously in Rajasthan”s Sambhar Lake?

The news sent shock waves among the locals and authorities in the region as reasons behind the tragic incident were being probed upon.

Neither for Diwali nor for Eid, Nuclear Weapons are meant for Doomsday

WONDER / Just like India hasn’t preserved its nuclear bombs for Diwali, Pakistan hasn’t preserved its own for Eid either. Let’s uplift the political discourse a bit.

The Looming Danger of Drought, Can this Disaster be Averted?

Drought warning has been released in states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan, but amidst the cacophony of elections will this agony of the grassroots be neglected once again?

Brutal or Compassionate: Who Are We Really?

While a Man in California Risks his Life to Rescue a Rabbit Another in Rajasthan Burns a Person in Communal Rage: Two Sides of the Coin called Humanity.

The Killing of  Migrant Mohammed Afrazul and the Assertion of Communal Politics in India

A man was brutally attacked and burnt alive in Rajasthan while the video footage depicting this inhuman act was circulated widely on social media. In a land that calls itself a people’s democracy is justice just a hyped myth?

India: Helpless, Unprepared and Unequipped even after seventy years of independence

As we discover and rediscover the ruins of an existence that is unsustainable, inequitable and poor we are compelled to ask why death tolls are not just mere statistics and how compensations cannot be our solemn response to tragedy.

Why are our rivers dying?

// Rivers are one of the most fundamental natural resources and are indispensable for human civilisation. It is because of rivers that for...

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