Sunday, June 13, 2021

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    Customers Panic As RBI Restricts Bengaluru Co-Op Bank’s Operations

    Most of the depositors of the bank were senior citizens and claimed that they had put their money in the bank as it provided an additional 1% interest.

    Why PMC Bank issue is worrying?

    Deposit withdrawals limit set by RBI has been causing panic and distress among the depositors since the notice was released.

    Rahul Gandhi Blames Government for Stealing from RBI

    The RBI’s decision to transfer a high surplus of Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the government is being slammed by the opposition.

    Shortfall of Rs 2000 Currency Notes Ahead of Upcoming General Elections

    There has been experienced an increased shortfall of Rs 2000 currency notes in the market as the elections draw closer.

    Nation- Wide Bank Strike Hits Significant Services

    More than 10 lakh bank employees across the nation have gone on strike opposing the merger of public sector banks and their growing dissatisfaction with wages.

    Can Policies Work Without Structural Transformation?

    It is only through enhanced literacy and awareness that any public policy can attain success and meet the targets it was initially designed for...

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