Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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What is the World Doing to Enforce Social Distancing?

Extreme draconian measures are being taken around the world to encourage self quarantine, India too is brutally making people comply.

What Would a Post-Coronavirus World Look Like?

Covid-19 has taken the globe by storm and has had severe social and economic implications. As social distancing and quarantine become the new norms, will we be able to return to our normal selves too soon?

The Need to Discuss Mental Illness

DEPRESSION / Mental illness is not a distant reality and several individuals are hesitant to speak about it merely because there is social stigma attached to it. In a milieu that understands rather than makes fun of the mentally ill, a healthier world order will emerge.

PARADIGM SHIFT : Learning Disabilities in the Classroom; The Importance of Social Justice By...

With heightened pedagogic sensibilities an educator has come forward with penetrating insights: the mode of engagement a teacher ought to evolve, while negotiating with...

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