Friday, January 28, 2022


Professor Yogendra Singh

The Grace of Professor Yogendra Singh

Even though Professor Yogendra Singh (November 2, 1932—May 10, 2020)—an outstanding sociologist known for his teaching and research—entered the invisible world, he would continue to be remembered by his innumerable admirers and students.

Unlocking Theory

Pierre Bourdieu (1st August 1930- 23rd January, 2002) was a French Social Scientist. Bourdieu's primary area of interest was the dynamics of power in society and how this operated in subtle ways and impacted the way people behaved, interacted and related to one another. He was the one who introduced important concepts like cultural, social and symbolic forms of capital( as opposed to economic capital), the cultural reproduction, habits, symbolic violence, the field and many other important terms.

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