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    A.S. Neill at Summerhill School with children engaged in an activity in the backdrop.Image:YouTube

    A Beacon of Hope-Summerhill

    Summerhill is a book about the celebrated English boarding school named Summerhill School and has been written by its headmaster A. S. Neill. It is through this book that the educationist introduced his ideas to the American public. Here is an engaging and exhaustive reflection on the book by acclaimed educationist Arvind Gupta.

    Teaching – a delightful vocation

    The vocation of teaching is an act of contentedness. A passionate pedagogue touches the soul of the learner and ignites the flame of knowledge. Here is the story of a creative teacher who discovers herself through her vocation each day.

    Can the Government Afford to Ignore Bihar’s Protesting School Teachers?

    A protest by school teachers of Bihar for equal pay scales at Jantar Mantar, points to a looming education crisis.

    To My Muslim Friends, With Gratitude

    In these difficult times, when an oppressive gaze tends to objectify and stigmatise the Muslim community, the author reflects on our shared humanity-a spirit of communion.

    An Open Letter to My Fellow Students at JNU

    While the university is undergoing a deep crisis amid perpetual onslaughts by the administration, a young student pens down a heartfelt note to her fellow students reminding them of the power of resistance in dark times.

    ‘Clean’ JNU: End of a Politico-pedagogic Experiment

    As the administration is going to clean the walls of JNU- known for colourful/political posters, is it the end of a great pedagogic experiment?

    Flip it around!

    Not everything is dead. It is possible for a teacher to arouse the child’s imagination; it is possible to generate poetry in a science class. In this article—written with immense clarity and conviction, a Chemistry teacher takes us to the realm of pedagogic revolution.

    MHRD Opposed by Manish Sisodia on University Recruitment

    Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia has rejected MHRD’s order for recruitment of teachers in Delhi University during the election period.

    Thinking Beyond Hollow Conceptions of Teacher Performance

    EDUCATION Will it be appropriate to rate teachers based on students’ performance alone or are there many nuanced factors that determine the way the child learns at school apart from the way the teacher delivers in class? Will critiquing the rating of teachers necessarily amount to allowing teachers to escape from being accountable to teaching?

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