Thursday, July 9, 2020


    Excerpt | The Violence of the Mechanical Mind

    Vandana Shiva's penetrating observations and sharp reflections make us rethink the project of modernity - its instrumental rationality, its hyper-masculine doctrine of development and manipulation of nature, and its dualism that separates the knower from the known, science from ethics, and is centralizing/monopolizing tendency.

    A Plea Against the Ruthlessness of Developement

    Humanity and nature must work in coordination to make sustainable living a possibility. With our tendency of excessive exploitation of nature and a desire for reckless growth we are bound to cause immense destruction to nature and subsequently to our own civilization. An alternative discourse is that of ecofeminism: a voice against the hegemony of aggressive developemntalism and a plea for sustainable futures. Here is an engaging excerpt from the book ‘Soil Not Oil’ by Vandana Shiva.

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