Thursday, June 30, 2022



Why Clean Drinking Water Eludes Indian villages?

As we undergo a prolonged summer accompanied by immense water crisis. The article looks into why access to clean drinking water continues to be a challenge in India's rural heartland.

Land Acquisition / Thousands of Protestors Oppose Coal Project in Chhattisgarh

Coal Satyagraha against mining projects in Chhattisgarh unites tribal groups.

Ladakh’s Tashi Pambar :The Farmer who Generated a Livelihood while Sustaining the Environment

Tashi Pambar planted over 4,000 trees in Leh’s Sakti village that not only sustained his family but also left behind an ecological legacy for generations to come.

Coming Home to My Ancestral Village from the Busy Lanes of the Metropolis

EXPLORATION Returning back to one’s roots is always an enticing experience especially in a time where the metropolis symbolises a rat race and a restlessness that does not allow people to rest. The village with its beauty and abundance, authentic interactions and simpler way of life are gradually altering but what continues to be unchanged is the spirit of homecoming that embraces one each time they enter the village.

Indian Villages and the Government’s Universal Electrification Program

COMMENTARY Villages in India across many states do not have access to electricity; the government’s Universal Electrification Program requires evaluation of its capacity to give electricity to all households in the country.

My City, My Himalayan Village and Narratives of Existence

In this remarkably sensitive piece the author has reflected on the meaning of his journey towards a Himalayan village, his relationship with the vitality of the city, and his existential quest.

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