Thursday, June 30, 2022


VIDEO | Reminiscing the Ideal of Freedom in Memorable Songs

INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL The Independence Day reminds us of the values of freedom, peace, communal harmony and a collective sense of belonging. India as a nation struggled for its freedom in a way that all sections of the society including the rich and the poor, the elite and the masses came together in an unprecedented way.

EXCERPT | No more partition, please…  

Did Partition divide only the geographical territory? Or, did it also fragment and brutalize our consciousness? We could not escape this question.

EDITORIAL : A Day of Celebration, a Day of Struggle

EDITORIAL | August 15 is a special day in the life of the nation. It is about struggle and freedom; it is about dreams and aspirations; and it is about plurality, differences and peaceful coexistence.

The Struggle of Indian Masses is Inseparable from the Glory of the Tricolor

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY On the occasion of independence day, we are sharing a creatively curated photo-essay with  series of penetrating images for our readers.

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