Saturday, May 15, 2021


    Corn is the staple crop of Mexico/Pixabay

    Mexico’s Difficulties in Protecting Safety of Its Food System Should Be An Eye-Opener For...

    The hardships that Mexico is facing in producing its staple crop corn shall be a reminder of the challenges that all similar economies may face in the future.

    Bihar farmers take up makhana farming to cope with weather uncertainties

    o cope up with the weather-related uncertainties, farmers in Bihar are taking up climate resilient crops such as makhana (foxnut) which they say are more suitable for the region.

    Why Improvements in Farming and Food Sector Are So Important?

    Given the critical importance of food for survival and human existence, the need to usher in much needed reforms in the food and agriculture sector is the call of the hour, failing which, we all could be moving towards a major crisis in future.
    President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Balbir S Rajewal

    Cops Deployed in Large Numbers As Farmers Intensify Protest Against Farm Legislations 

    Thousands of cops have been deployed across Delhi borders as farmers intensify their protests.
    Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws.

    A Trust-Deficit and Sustained Disillusionment Form the Heart of the Farmers Protest in Delhi

    A ruptured relationship and a trust deficit towards the government is being reflected by the protesting farmers, but will the Centre be forced to bow down to more demands than it initially may have planned to? 

    Centre Needs Time for Internal Discussion, Negotiations to Go On

    Centre-farmer meetings have remained inconclusive so far as the later continues to remain adamant in its demand for the total repealing of the recently passed farms laws.

    The Need for a Holistic Approach to Farm Development and Why it Alone Will...

    The farming community is central to the life of the country, yet their problems often remain unheard calling for a holistic approach. 

    As Farmers Continue Agitation Against Farm Laws, Deadlock With Centre Continues 

    The whole country is presently witnessing a major deadlock between the Centre and the farming community, which seems to be particularly dissatisfied with the...

    Developing an Alternative Plan for Resolving Farmers’ Crisis and Rural Distress

    Looking at the ongoing rural distress and the anguish of Indian farmers, there is a need for developing alternative strategies to address the problem.

    Corporatisation of Agriculture Will Orphan the Indian Farmer in a Competitive Market, Not Expand...

    Farmers have been agitating and protesting against the three Agricultural Bills recently passed in the Parliament. Here is a thorough look at the demands and concerns being raised.

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