Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Will the poor farmers continue to be at the receiving end?

Why Banks Write Off Loans Worth Billions for the Rich but Threaten Farmers with...

The article looks at how often our banks are seen waiving off multi-crore loans of the rich and penalising farmers for even the smallest defaults.

It’s Time to Stand up for Saving Traditional Oilseeds or it may be too...

India is in a fortunate state of being home to many oilseeds. These include groundnut, mustard, sesame among others but what are we doing to preserve and promote them in agriculture?

Rice Biodiversity in India Faces a New and Serious Threat

The article looks at the challenges of rice biodiversity in India and what can be done to address the upcoming concerns around it.

Milk Producers Face Increasing Problems, Need Protection

All India Kisan Sabha and the Milk Producer Farmers’ Struggle Committee have condemned the tendency of private units as well as cooperatives to push down the purchase price while increasing their profit margins. They have asked for protests against this tendency.
Indian women working on the fields/Pixabay

Increased farm work negatively impacts women’s nutrition: study

With women putting in extra hours into farm and agricultural activities despite the fact that they get little or no respite from household chores, their nutritional standards may stand impacted.
Corn is the staple crop of Mexico/Pixabay

Mexico’s Difficulties in Protecting Safety of Its Food System Should Be An Eye-Opener For...

The hardships that Mexico is facing in producing its staple crop corn shall be a reminder of the challenges that all similar economies may face in the future.

Bihar farmers take up makhana farming to cope with weather uncertainties

o cope up with the weather-related uncertainties, farmers in Bihar are taking up climate resilient crops such as makhana (foxnut) which they say are more suitable for the region.

Why Improvements in Farming and Food Sector Are So Important?

Given the critical importance of food for survival and human existence, the need to usher in much needed reforms in the food and agriculture sector is the call of the hour, failing which, we all could be moving towards a major crisis in future.
President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Balbir S Rajewal

Cops Deployed in Large Numbers As Farmers Intensify Protest Against Farm Legislations 

Thousands of cops have been deployed across Delhi borders as farmers intensify their protests.
Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws.

A Trust-Deficit and Sustained Disillusionment Form the Heart of the Farmers Protest in Delhi

A ruptured relationship and a trust deficit towards the government is being reflected by the protesting farmers, but will the Centre be forced to bow down to more demands than it initially may have planned to? 

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