Friday, June 18, 2021

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    NIA Arrests Kashmiri Businessman for Providing Mobile Phones to Militants in Pulwama Attack Case

    A man named Bilal Ahmed Kuchey has been arrested from Kakapora in Pulwama by the NIA for providing mobile phones to militants during the Pulwama attacks on February 14.

    SC Orders Women Army Officer’s Access to Command Roles

    The Supreme Court had ordered that women officers will now be eligible for Command roles in the army.
    Chief of Defence Staff General Rawat

    “Radicalised Youth Must be Put in De-radicalisation Camps”, Says Chief of Defence Staff

    Chief of Defence Staff General Rawat asserted the need for tackling “radicalisation” of the youth in Kashmir.

    Kashmir Gets Internet Relief  in Exchange of ‘Anti-Misuse’ Bond 

    Internet connectivity has been restored for companies and governmental institutions in the Kashmir Valley but only under a special bond.

    ‘Unacceptable Situation in Kashmir’, Petition Demands Centre’s Urgent Attention

    Eminent individuals from academics and journalism have written to PM Modi against the clampdown in the Kashmir Valley.

    Assam Gets AFSPA Extension

    According to the Assam government release, AFSPA has been extended for a period of six months.

    Can the Lifting of Restrictions Bring Back Normalcy to the Kashmir Valley?

    Normalcy of life stands severely affected in the Valley, even while restrictions may have begun to be lifted.

    ‘Psychological First-aid’ for Kashmiri Children Amidst Political Crackdown

    Amid political turmoil, Kashmir to offer its children ‘psychological first aid’ to deal with trauma.

    Indian Military Officials Appeal against the Political Appropriation of the Military

    Indian Military Officials appeal to the President of the State to stop political parties from using the military or associated symbols for political gains.

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