Thursday, January 20, 2022


JNU Violence, Democratic Dissent and What it Means to be Politically Awakened in Hard...

The recent violence that broke out in JNU, makes us ask pertinent questions on the autonomy of institutions, the culture of dissent and what democracy holds for a youth that knows how to question.

JNU VC And the Absurdity of the Online End Semester Examination

Is it the inflated ego of the Vice Chancellor that leads the JNU administration to come forward with the ridiculous proposal of conducting the end semester examination through email and WhatsApp?

A Raging Anger, a Sense of Emergency and the March to Delhi Police Headquarters

After police personnel entered the JMI campus and a violent clash broke out, students from several universities marched to the police headquarters at ITO.

No End to JNU Crisis

Delhi Police lathi-charge JNU students on way to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Mandi House to Parliament: A March for “Affordable” Public Education

Hundreds of students, teachers and activists marched to Parliament to ask for an affordable public education infrastructure.

Seeing Through the JNU Art of Resistance

As the JNU administration refuses to initiate a conversation with the students, and all sorts of negative perceptions of the university are propagated through the toxic television channels, we ought to see the deeper meaning of the struggle going on in the campus.

When its more Prestigious to be a ‘Cow’ than a Student of an Indian...

While students of public universities have no hostels to live in, the government plans to build more hostels for cows.

Public Education is a Right and not a Commodity, Why the Struggle at JNU...

Public education is increasingly being seen as a commodity in this neo-liberal age. The struggle at JNU is to reclaim it as a right.

JNU Students Agitate, Protest Unprecedented Developments on Campus

An unprecedented fee hike accompanied by rising mess bills are being protested against by the student community.

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