Monday, June 27, 2022


Jama Maszid

Eid Amidst Lockdown: A Dampened Spirit of Festivity and an Earnest Celebration

With no congregational prayers or large gathering, celebrations of Eid-al-Fitr will be earnest and limited to the confines of the home for most Muslims across the world.

Valentine’s Day: Rethinking Love in the Neoliberal Age

The market not only successfully commodifies the deepest of human emotions but endangers the very authenticity they were cherished for. Let us rethink love this Valentine's Day.
Christmas and surveillance

How Do I Celebrate Christmas in the Age of Surveillance?

Is it possible to tap the life-affirming power of love into a mode of resistance against this worship of the Thanatos, this death wish, this reckless aggression, violence and surveillance?

Why I Will Not Celebrate Diwali This Year?

I have decided not to celebrate Diwali as a protest against the injustices and brutalities committed in the name of the nation against the people of this very nation.

‘Packaged’ Celebration: Alcoholism to Hyper Consumption on the New Year

Will the market allow us to rethink celebrations in the age of hyper-consumption and media induced images of happiness if we don’t choose to think differently?

Where is the Divine amid the Spectacles?

VIEWPOINT In this sharp reflection on the changing character of 'Durga Puja', the author has sought to see the 'divine' outside the gorgeous spectacles.

Are We Willing to Learn a Lesson or Two from the Amritsar Railway Massacre?

A train tore through festivities in Amritsar where a large crowd had gathered to celebrate Dusshera near the railway tracks. There are innumerable lessons that the tragic story leaves us with ranging from the vital importance of precautionary and regulatory vigilance and crowd control methods, without which we shall not be able to avert such crisis.

A Commemoration of ‘Surgical Strike’ is opposed to the ‘Idea of the University’

SURGICAL STRIKE DAY The idea of celebrating ‘Surgical Strike day’, in universities is itself a violence on the ‘idea of the university’, as it confers suppression of academic freedom and critical thinking, the two foundational pillars of the idea of the university.

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