Saturday, January 29, 2022


Child Mortality Rates Likely to Double if Health Services Remain Disrupted Amid Covid-19 Outbreak,...

Global Efforts towards eliminating Preventable Child Deaths Facing Serious Hurdles due to the Pandemic. Protection of health services is a must if children are to be saved.

The Worrying Trend of Stillbirths and Babies Excreting Inside the Womb in Coronavirus Infected...

The release of meconium inside the womb and a growing number of stillbirths in coronavirus positive mothers causes concern and worry.

New Lancet Study Reveals Children Likely to Have Mild COVID-19 Symptoms

A Lancet study highlights that COVID-19 causes mild disease in most children, while fatalities are rare.

Climate Change: Lancet Report Warns of Health Implications for Children

If climate change is not tackled today, our children will live only to suffer.

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