Wednesday, May 25, 2022


An Awakened Citizenry is the Need of the Hour

As citizens we have taken the responsibility to elect a government so we must also hold it accountable, the former is our right while the latter is our duty.
Planet earth painted on two hands. Image source - Twitter

Transcending Parochial Ties: A Call for World Citizenship

There is an urgent need in the world to move beyond parochialism and urge for a collective identity.

New Signs of Democracy Takeover Sudan, is a Better Future Around the Corner?

The political transition in Sudan may be bringing it a step closer to democracy, but will it not be difficult to move beyond the gigantic obstacles that have wrecked its political fabric for long enough?

Foreigner in One’s Own Land: The NRC Conundrum

The poor who are excluded from the NRC will get free legal assistance from Assam government. Will it be enough?

Hong Kong Protests Against Extradition Bill, Many Injured

Protests have been going on in Hong-Kong against a controversial extradition bill. The protests have sustained for over twelve weeks.

No Pension, No Support: 200,000 Senior Citizens Pushed to Indignity

Political turmoil, absence of sincere management and lack of will compel elderly citizens to lead a life of suffering.

The Save RTI Campaign is the Cornerstone of Our Democracy

The recent march in Delhi to protect the RTI act is an important time in the history of democratic India because if we don’t oppose the dilution of the RTI, the ordinary citizen shall be completely disempowered.

Public Participation is the Key to Democratic Practice

VIEWPOINT The citizens of a democratic nation are entitled to more than their right to cast votes; the nation state must ensure public accountability and people’s participation to sustain active democracies.

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