Monday, November 29, 2021


Looking Beyond Surveillance: Trust and Sense of Community in Education

The Delhi Government has decided to install surveillance cameras in classrooms across state-run schools. Will such a move ensure safety or will it defeat the very purpose of a meaningful education?

Empty Classroom: Is it the New Normal?

In this thought provoking article Professor Avijit Pathak who teaches sociology at JNU has raised a series of critical issues relating to the growing decline in the vibrancy of the classroom interaction in our times. AVIJIT PATHAK

The Classroom as a Challenging Site: Creating an Ambience Conducive to Learning

FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM  The teacher within the classroom is faced with the perpetual task of dealing with children of diverse kinds often with attention...

Learning without Boundaries: Arts in the classroom By Ritu Talwar

Learning without Boundaries: Arts in the classroom Art as a medium of instruction liberates the mind and enables the child to discover the ocean...
Will the strict curb on excessively heavy school bags help the Indian student ?

Unloading the Heavy Baggage of the Ego, Classroom as a Site for Self-discovery –...

When learning spaces lose their graded hierarchies and turn into communicative spaces, true learning becomes possible. Here an educator explores this possibility and offers...

On Feminism and the Culture of Science

                   On Feminism and the Culture of Science In modern times science is often seen to be sacrosanct. Is it possible to look at science...

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