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Tapping the rich and profound lyrics of music

Exploring the Dialogic Possibilities of a Music Classroom

The article explores the usage of music as a possibility for generating dialogue in our classrooms.
Indian Classroom

Social Emotional Learning in Schools for an Enriched Learning Environment

The article discusses the significance of social-emotional learning in our classrooms.
Virtual learning becoming the widespread method of knowledge transaction, but is it worth it?

Revisiting Digital Pedagogy and the Culture of Learning in the Age of Information Technology

The article delves deep into the need for rethinking digitalised teaching-learning in the age of information technology especially at a time when we are moving towards an extensive use of virtual classroom spaces.

Critical Pedagogy in the Social Science Classroom

The teacher plays a pivotal role in practicing critical classroom pedagogy, how can this practice be more democratised?

A Hilarious Online Class Amid the Lockdown and the Hoax that Classrooms Can be...

Children and teachers are busy using virtual applications to engage in academic pursuits but can a physical classroom with its vibrancy and energy ever be replaced?
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A Physical Classroom or a Virtual One: A Pedagogues’s Dilemma Amid the Lockdown

Problems of accessibility and democratisation are part of the problem but there are bigger pedagogical reasons why a virtual classroom can’t take the place of a real one.
online learning

Online Teaching is an Aid, Not an Alternative to the Real Classroom in Pakistan

Online teaching may be a trend amid the lockdown but it is inaccessible to more than 25 million Pakistani children. Can it be a sustainable solution in a country with extensive economic disparity and a strong rich-poor divide?

Expanding the Parameters of Learning beyond Fixed Notions

Individuals have different potentials and standardized markers cannot determine their talents. We need a system of education that acknowledges and builds on the diverse ways in which individuals are gifted.

Dramatics as Pedagogy in Classrooms

Dramatics as an important pedagogic tool helps revive the classroom space. 

Decadence of Studentship and the Need to Rethink Our Classrooms

With the decadence of an informed and active studentship, the university space is fast losing its liberating character.

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