Monday, July 4, 2022


From Cradle to Grave: The Pain and Agony of Gendered Violence Against Women in...

From birth to old age, women in India are victims of sexual assault and social violence, highlighting the pathologies of a culture that worships the goddess but demeans the woman of flesh and blood.

From Acid Attacks to Drinking Urine, What Upper Caste India Makes its Dalits Undergo

Days after the Hathras incident, two new episodes of gross injustice and violence highlight the pathetic plight of India’s Dalit community.

Post-Hathras Case, MHA Issues Guidelines Mandating Compulsory Registration of FIRs and Timely Conduction of...

In the aftermath of major political flak over the Hathras gang-rape incident, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a new set of guidelines to assist states in dealing with cases of sexual violence against women.

Regressive Indian Patriarchy Considers a ‘Dead’ Daughter Better Than a ‘Divorced’ One

With divorce being largely seen as a social taboo in India, women prefer to perish in oppressive marriages due to patriarchal oppression and financial constraints.

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Female Employee Dragged & Assaulted for Asking Manager to Wear Mask

A woman working at a hotel under Andhra Pradesh Tourism, was attacked and beaten up by the deputy manager in Dargamitta of Nellore city...

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