Saturday, September 25, 2021


Privacy may be under threat, but its protection alone isn’t enough to preserve civil...

Privacy is necessary to create independent-minded, free-thinking citizens who vote as they wish.

Apple Catches Social Media Application TikTok Spying on Users

A latest security feature in iOS 14 has red-handily caught popular social media platform TikTok for spying on millions of its users.

India and coronavirus: lack of access to handwashing facilities among poor makes fight even...

International Institute for Population Sciences in 2015-16, from where the data for this study was drawn. It found that 39.8% of Indian households had no soap or no water, a situation often explained by the absence of soap during the survey.
[Dr. Payal Tadvi And Rohit Vemula]

NCRB Displays Disturbing Data on Suicide Among Indian Youth

The latest data revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that on an average 28 students comment suicide on a daily basis in India. Why is India’s youth population under so much distress?

Data Protection Bill: Is it a Step to Weaken Citizens’ Rights?

If datasets are used in an unregulated manner, it may pose severe challenges surrounding misuse and trading of the citizens personal information.

Will the contentious Data Protection Bill make India an Orwellian State?

The Data Protection Bill and the Threats of Massive State Surveillance in India.
If Israel calls itself a democracy, it must uphold the dignity of prisoners too.

NCRB’s ‘Crime in India’ Report Paints Worrisome Picture

The report reveals that ‘educated’ juveniles are more active criminals than the ‘illiterate’ ones. It indeed is a worrying trend in India.

Video | Democratic Lawmaker Stumps Mark Zuckerberg with Questions on Cambridge Analytics

Democratic Lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stumps Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg with Questions on Cambridge Analytics.

Where have all the Working and Independent Minded Women Gone?

GENDER Women are socialised into believing that having aspirations of their own may be in contradiction to family loyalty. It is time for women to pursue their aspirations in a gender sensitised and egalitarian culture that allows them the liberty to be themselves. Priyanka Yadav

The Adverse Social Impacts of Alcoholism Need Urgent Attention

VIEWPOINT The consequence of obsessive drinking and alcoholism is most often the disruption and degeneration of family and social life of an individual. It is crucial to generate an awareness that reaches the society and generates sensitivity among the young and old.   Bharat Dogra  

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