Sunday, July 12, 2020

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    No Dignity in Death: Overburdened Crematoriums and Morgues a Challenge for Delhi’s COVID-19 Response

    Delhi’s Nigambodh Ghat along with crematoriums in Punjabi Bagh and Panchkuian are seeing a steady climb in the number of bodies of COVID-19 patients. Amidst this load, can the dead be given dignity in death?
    Kerala Pregnant Elephant death

    The Communal Slugfest Around the Brutal Killing of a Pregnant Elephant in Kerala Must...

    Turning the narrative around a pregnant elephant’s tragic death in Kerala into a political slugfest with communal undertones, is a reminder of our political degeneration. 

    Coronavirus reminds you of death – and amplifies your core values, both bad and good

    Hundreds of psychology experiments from the past 30 years have explored how people react to the thought of their own death.

    A Statement by Scientists, the Curious Case of Nizamuddin Markaz: an Update on Covid-19...

    From the Nizamuddin Markaz case to a statement by eminent scientists of the country, here is an update on the latest developments. 
    Senior NCP leader DP Tripathi

    NCP Veteran DP Tripathi Passes Away

    Senior NCP leader DP Tripathi passes away after prolonged illness.

    Caste Marginalisation: Death in Septic Tanks

    NCSK data shows that from January-June, fifty people have died cleaning sewers while there are 740,078 homes that continue to employ manual scavengers.

    Thich Nhat Hanh and His Art of Dying

    In this spiritually nuanced article the author engages with the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, and reflects on the art of dying.

    When Alcohol Turns Killer

    The consumption of spurious liquor has caused widespread death in recent times, and this has made it a matter of national concern. Social awareness combined with state action can help us combat this problem.

    No Country For Miners: The Death of Miners in India’s ‘Banned’ Rat-Hole Mines

    The mining sector is poorly regulated and hardly has any adherence to the safety standards to ensure that miners have safety of working conditions. The recent entrapment of fifteen miners in a rat-hole mine in Meghalaya and their subsequent deaths makes the discussion on India’s mining sector relevant.

    Denial wouldn’t help us Fight Starvation Deaths

    Activists have time and again warned the nation state of starvation deaths but the sheer denial of its existence on the part of the government adds to the collective agony.

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