Saturday, June 19, 2021

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    India Needs 2.07 Million Doctors by 2030

    With a massive mandate and access to funds, will the government make healthcare a priority?

    Payal Tadvi’s Demise: Suicide or Institutional Murder?

    Payal Tadvi’s death is a reminder of how caste prejudice and sustained discrimination against Dalits and minorities plagues our institutions.

    The Kingdom of Apps and the Denial of Humanism

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT Applications to talk to and determine suicidal tendencies are becoming popular amidst young professionals showcasing a massive challenge before a society characterised by anonymity and surveillance.

    The eclipse of privatization in the public health sector

    HEALTH | The constitution makes imperative upon the state to ascertain social and economic justice of its people this makes a significant framework to assess the health sector in the nation.

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