Sunday, July 12, 2020

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    Generating Large Scale Eco-Employment: The Need for Regeneration and Global Effort

    Poor and developing countries can tackle unemployment by a steady and sustained expenditure towards generating eco-employment opportunities.

    Making Sense of the Pandemic & the Ushering in of a New World Order

    Instead of the imagining, hoping and creating the post-COVID times in the language of ‘normal’ past, there is a need to affirm the crisis so that the space for new possibilities can be explored.
    The Unplanned Nationwide Lockdown

    For Uttar Pradesh’s Poverty Stricken Migrant Workers, “Coronavirus is Better Than Hunger”

    Hundreds of Uttar Pradesh's 30 lakh-migrant workers who returned back during the lockdown are going back to cities like Mumbai for employment even though it puts their lives at risk.

    Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of India’s COVID-19 Response: Migrant Workers, Farmers and Tribals

    Underestimated and neglected, India’s migrant workers, farmers and tribals are on the frontline of our response to the pandemic.

    UNICEF: Poverty, Malnutrition and Hunger Threaten to Push 120 Million Children Into Poverty Amid...

    Poverty, reverse migration and malnutrition could push 120 million children into poverty in South Asia.
    Migrant Workers

    Migrant Workers Need a Bridge Between ‘India’ and ‘Bharat’,Not a False Promise 

    Millions of impoverished migrant workers need secure and dignified employment and not the consolation of empty promises. 
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    Women in the Informal Sector Worst Hit by Lockdown, Suggests ISST Study

    Women working in the informal sector are faced with unprecedented hardships amid the lockdown that only highlight and underline a highly gendered cultural ethos based on discriminatory practices.

    From Direct Cash Transfers to Free Travel for Migrants: Opposition Parties Put Eleven Demands...

    Opposition parties demand direct cash transfers, free travel and greater allotment of economic packages for alleviation of miseries of Indian poor,

    Born Into the Brothel: The Miseries of Financial Loss and Abandonment Among Indian Sex...

    The lockdown and absence of work has unleashed unprecedented difficulties on India’s sex workers and their children. With no governmental support and social security, they stare at a dark future.
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    Political Indifference, Lack of Policy Outreach and India’s Migrant Class

    The plight of the migrant class in the phase of the lockdown and the institutional apathy are surely matters of grave societal concern.

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