Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Jacinda Ardern and Labour returned in a landslide — 5 experts on a historic...

The pre-election polls suggested it might happen. But the fact that Labour and Jacinda Ardern have provisionally won an outright majority and the mandate...

Stunted Economic Growth, Unemployment and Poverty Haunt Bihar Politics Ahead of Assembly Elections

As the assembly elections draw closer amid the chaos of the pandemic, whom will the average Bihari voter select in the elections?

Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis: What lies ahead could include a constitutional crisis over succession

Since Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for COVID-19 treatment on Oct. 2, there have been conflicting messages about...

EC Plans Postal Ballots & Online Rallies Ahead of Upcoming Bihar Polls

The EC plans to conduct remote voting for select sections of the population apart from asserting on virtual campaigning ahead of Bihar elections.

Breather for Indian Democracy: “IF” AAP Returns in Delhi

After a prolonged and aggressive phase of campaigning, Delhi has casted its vote amidst the election fever. What would the results hold for its residents?

Important Issues We Missed Debating this Election Season Amidst Allegations, Abuse and Verbal...

In the run up to the Delhi elections, we have seen all kinds of allegations and verbal spats but amidst this high decibel political blame game, we ironically missed out on a serious engagement with issues related to Delhi that hold critical importance.

Can Election Fever Justify a Decadent Political Culture?

The Delhi elections are here and we find ourselves in a decadent culture of political abuse, misogyny and hate speech. Can we stoop any lower?

Unclarity continues over BJP’s CM candidate for upcoming Delhi elections

“The party is going to contest elections on a positive note highlighting the achievements of the Narendra Modi government”, said Union Minister Prakash Javadekar in a press conference.

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