Sunday, February 28, 2021

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    Watch | Roots of Indian Agrarian Distress and the Centre’s Newly Introduced Farm Bills...

    Why are farmers across regions and geographical boundaries distressed in India? What kind of impact will the Centre's newly introduced farm bills have on the future of the farming sector in India? This video highlights key issues and challenges that lie ahead of the Indian agricultural sector. #FarmBill Story : Srujana Yadav Editing : Akash Produced by : The New Leam - Support The New Leam -

    Hyderabad is Experiencing Urban Flooding, the Phenomenon Bringing Annual Devastation to Indian Cities

    As extreme weather events become common, urban flooding has arrived in Hyderabad and it is not a good sign.

    Floods in Odisha Affect Over 4 Lakhs People

    The floods in the Mahanadi River in Odisha have affected over 4 lakh people and claimed nine lives so far. The flood has affected 10...

    WATCH |Man risks life to save baby from drowning in flood waters

    In this video a man risks his life to save a baby from drowning in flood waters. The location where the video is shot...

    Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Flood Situation in Bihar Deteriorates

    The floods in Bihar are wrecking large-scale havoc in the state and have so far claimed thirteen lives. The northern districts are the worst effected.

    India, Bangladesh & Nepal in the Ambit of Flood Fury as Millions are Displaced...

    India, Bangladesh and Nepal are collectively under the ambit of devastating floods and water logging, posing a doubled challenge before their governments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Assam reels under flood as pandemic wears on

    Around 2.9 million (29 lakh) people from 26 districts in Assam have been affected by floods in the state this year. As many as 93 have died and the deluge has led to massive infrastructure, livestock and crop losses.

    Floods Waters Inside Kaziranga National Park Threatens the One-Horned Rhinoceroses and Other Exotic Species

    The Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve which is widely known for housing the one-horned rhinoceros among other exotic species is presently flooded and over 100 animals have already lost their lives.

    Floods Ravage Northern Bihar Affecting Over One Million Across Several Districts

    Over 10 lakh people across ten districts in northern Bihar have been adversely affected by the ravaging flood.

    Flood Situation in Northern Bihar Worsens Affecting Lakhs in Northern Districts

    Over eight lakh people have been affected by the massive floods in northern Bihar. Heavy water discharge from Valmiki barrage in Champaran accompanied by incessant rains have wrecked havoc.

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