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Increasing obsession with building the physique often by consumption of steroids or excessive exercise may drench one both emotionally and spiritually/ Pixabay

Walking with Gandhi’s Ideas on the Development of the Mind, Body and Heart

The article encourages us to rethink our fetish with the decoration and beautification of the body without paying attention to the growth of spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Looking at Gandhi's ideas on the same, the writer raises important questions.

Orwell’s Gandhi: A Real Person of Great Virtues and not an Enlightened Monk

George Orwell's well-know essay on his reflections on Gandhi depict his views on the world leader and his layered and complex personality.


Here is an exhaustive and engaging book review of 'The Science of Peace' authored by Suman Khanna Aggarwal.

The Gandhian Concept of Swadeshi and Why its Strikes a Greater Chord Today

The concept of swadeshi played an important role in the freedom movement in India in opposing colonial exploitation, but as was emphasized by Mahatma Gandhi even then, we should also look at this concept in terms of its continuing relevance even after the end of colonial rule.

What was Behind Gandhi’s Success with the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and the Failure...

Gandhi’s leadership and his ability to bring together people from diverse backgrounds is reflected across the movements he initiated, why then were some successful and others not equally so?

When Ambedkar and Gandhi Meet…

On Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s death anniversary, we invoke the emancipatory thinker not for instrumental political ritualism.

Gandhi and his associates

Today is the birth anniversay of M.K. Gandhi but for many of us this day means nothing more than another holiday. This age seems to have nothing much to do with Gandhi other than just possibly seeing him as a state appropriated symbol. Perhaps this is an accurate time for all of us to ask ourselves what really is the relevance of Gandhi for us. On this beautiful occassion we are invoking those who really understand the spirit of Gandhi beyond appropriation or utility.

Gandhi in his Lighter Moments

Gandhi is the iconic symbol of peace, on-violence and communal brotherhood. On his birth anniversary we pay tribute to the man whose humility and simplicity have continued to inspire many genrations.

Path Breaking in the Great Trial of 1922

The historical trial of Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Shankarlal Ghelabhai Banker, editor, and printer and publisher respectively of Young India, on charges under Section 124 A of the Indian Penal Code, was held on Saturday, 18th March 1922, before Mr. C. N. Broomfield, I. C. S., District and Sessions Judge, Ahmedabad.

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