Monday, October 25, 2021


A School in Himachal Pradesh Turns Messiah for Stranded Migrant Workers

A school in Solan district comes to the aid of migrant workers at a time when the lockdown brings unprecedented hardships for the class.

Curing Cancer, the Tibetan Way: A Tribute to Doctor Yeshi Dhonden

Yeshi Dhonden didn’t trust allopathy or lab reports from diagnostic centres, he would use fresh urine samples and pulse rates instead .

Why Several Beautiful Villages Like Mangoti Nande Ka Thara Are Badly Endangered Today

The widening of the highway was very badly planned , fragile hills were so badly disturbed by heavy machinery and so many trees were indiscriminately axed that idyllic villages turned into zones of recurring ugly landslides and potential big disasters.

India bridge collapse: Around 100 people  died last year

In the last one year itself around 100 people have died due to bridge collapses in India.

Modi’s Euphoric Success: Need to Think Differently

The BJP’s sweeping victory in Gujarat and Himanchal Pradesh under the leadership of Mr. Modi reminds us of the many urgent questions that a nation like ours cannot neglect despite the apparent mood of celebration and euphoria we witness around us.

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