Friday, December 3, 2021


No Dignity in Death: Overburdened Crematoriums and Morgues a Challenge for Delhi’s COVID-19 Response

Delhi’s Nigambodh Ghat along with crematoriums in Punjabi Bagh and Panchkuian are seeing a steady climb in the number of bodies of COVID-19 patients. Amidst this load, can the dead be given dignity in death?

CM Arvind Kejriwal Rings Alarm Over “Black-Marketing”of Beds in Delhi’s Private Hospitals 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal alerts on “black-marketing” of beds in Delhi’s private hospitals and assures of immediate action against owners. 

Supreme Court Asks Centre,“Why Cannot Private Hospitals Treat COVID-19 Patients for Free?”

The SC has asked the Centre to reply on why private hospitals can’t be involved in treating COVID-19 patients free of cost when a large section of Indians is struggling for quality healthcare amid the pandemic.

Hindu-Muslim in Times of COVID-19: Patients Separated on Basis of Religious Affiliation 

Patients being treated for COVID-19 at a Gujarat hospital are being allotted different wards based on religious affiliations.

Extreme Cold and Medical Negligence Kills Over 100 Infants in Kota Hospital

Ten more infants have died in the last week of December, taking the death toll to 102 at Kota’s state-run JK Lon Hospital.

Dengue Outbreak Hits India Again, Several Deaths Reported

For the past ten years, the number of dengue cases are gradually increasing in India. Unplanned urbanization is one of the major contributing factor.

Noida Hospital Burns: An accident or a Case of Sheer Negligence?

A massive fire broke out at the Metro Hospital and Heart Institute in Noida Uttar Pradesh.  The structural inadequacies that become apparent at such moments can be avoided provided we ensure adequate safety measures.
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The Pathology of Public Healthcare: Dogs Infect Nawada District Hospital in Bihar

The condition of the ill in Newada District Hospital, Bihar explains the negligence of public healthcare in the nation and the reality that health infrastructure for the poor has rarely been a state priority

A Modern Hospital and the Agonies of a Technologically Monitored Death

BIO - MEDICINE In this brief note, the author has reflected on bio-medicine, and the ethical issues relating to healing, life and death.

India Opens Its First Elephant Hospital

From feet tied in heavy shackles, nails hammered on their bodies and their tusks pulled out to be traded- respite comes to Indian elephants as an entire hospital is dedicated to them in Agra.

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