Monday, May 23, 2022


Book Review/The Complexity of Being Muslim in Contemporary India

Rakshanda Jalil’s remarkable understanding of the complexity of experience surrounding Muslim identity in contemporary India is lucid, thought provoking and an exceedingly powerful commentary on the Indian political climate that is simultaneously secular and intolerant.

Does the Development Quotient Cease to be Significant to the Average Indian Voter?

It was not Development but caste and identity that formed the basis of voting in Lok Sabha elections, 2019.

Muslim Man Beaten Up for Identity Markers in Gurugram

A Muslim man was allegedly mocked and beaten up for wearing a skull cap in Gurugram.

Is Shehla Rashid Falling for Identity Politics: The Hijab isn’t a Neutral Affair, after...

COMMENTARY / Shehla Rashid’s decision of adorning a Hijab at Shah Faesal’s party launch reminds us of identity politics and the vulnerability of sartorial preferences, in our times.

Hindus and Muslims Belong Together: Why Our Schools Don’t Understand

At a school in Wazirabad, Hindus and Muslims compose two different sections; amidst an already fractured national consciousness has schooling failed its inclusive purpose? Ananya Pathak

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