Thursday, June 30, 2022


the Time of the Pandemic

Seeing Through an Incident of Burglary at the Time of the Pandemic

Here is a piece that speaks of a positive quest when one feels tempted to be paralyzed by psychic nausea, fear, inexplicable tragedies and a sense of betrayal.

Harjinder Singh’s Story Affirms Faith in Humanity

He is 76-year old and has a frail body, but his selfless service to accident victims makes this auto-driver shine amid dark times.

Oxford to Kabul: Freshta Karim’s Dream of Redefining Afghani Childhoods

Freshta Karim’s initiative of starting a bus-library in war-torn Afghanistan is bringing back smiles on the faces of hundreds of children, lifting them from the miseries of unhappy childhoods.

Women’s Day / Women are winning over the World despite the Odds

Women’s Day/ As we commemorate Women’s Day and salute the strong spirit of women across the world, we share a few positive stories from all around the world.

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