Thursday, June 30, 2022


Ranjitsinh Disale at the Zila Parishad School in Solapur District, Maharashtra wins a prestigious award for working for the education and empowerment of tribal female students. Photo Credit: Mumbai Mirror

Fighting the Malaise of Child Marriage, the Story of Maharashtra’s Ranjitsinh Disale Who Brought...

In a remote district where child marriage was a rampant practice, educator Ranjitsinh Disale’s efforts for bringing poor tribal girls to school in Maharashtra is indeed inspirational. 
Gond families in Madhya Pradesh face social boycott for not being able to contribute monetarily to village festivities.

Gond Tribe Families Face Social Exclusion and Boycott in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat District Over...

14 families belonging to the Gond tribe are facing social boycott and ostracisation in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district for not paying contribution amount for Durga Puja celebrations. 

As Top Madhya Pradesh Cop Brutally Beats Up Wife, Domestic Violence and Toxic Masculinity...

A top cop violently beating his wife in Madhya Pradesh highlights the intensity of domestic violence amid the pandemic and the fact that it is present across classes in India.

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Tests Coronavirus Positive

The coronavirus pandemic has been taking a serious turn in India and the cases are multiplying at an unprecedented rate. In a latest update...

Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Says No to Independence Day Celebrations Due to COVID-19

The whole country is presently battling the coronavirus pandemic and all efforts are presently under way to ensure that the spread of the infection...

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Chouhan Expands Cabinet, Jyotiraditya Scindia Has Crucial Impact

In Madhya Pradesh Cabinet formation, Scindia has an important position as CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan expands the Cabinet to incorporate 28 ministers.
Saharia adivasis

Madhya Pradesh’s Sahariya Community and the Loss of Livelihood Amid Lockdown

The lockdown has brought about a year long loss for Madhya Pradesh’s Sahariya Adivasis but how keen is the government in improving their pathetic plight?

No Land, No Livelihood: Launch of New Satyagraha in Narmada Valley

More than 1,500 protestors gather in Bhopal to launch satyagraha against displacement in Narmada Valley.
Karnataka passes new bill to curb the illegal transportation and slaughtering of cows and cattle.

Madhya Pradesh Promises New Law on Cow Vigilantism

Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh may soon become the first state to have law against cow vigilantism in place.

LIVE UPDATES: Farmer protest leads to price hike and milk vegetable

DAILY UPDATES : In India farmers are set to go on a ten day strike starting June 1.The strike will bring forward problems of loan waiver, inadequate prices, lack of agricultural infrastructure and lack of state cooperation.

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