Wednesday, January 19, 2022



Bihar Witnesses Crumbling Medical Infrastructure Amid Pandemic, Putting Doctors at Highest Risk of Death...

Poor quality PPE kits, overburdening and non-adherence to basic safety protocol expose Bihar doctors to highest risk of infection related deaths according to IMA.

Indian Doctors Face Eviction and Ostracisation over Fear of Covid-19 Transmission

Indian doctors face eviction and ostracisation from their residential societies due to coronavirus transmission fears. We need awareness not stigma to see us through the hard times.

Passive Euthanasia and the Need to Look Beyond Medicalised Notions of Death and Life

The Supreme Court in its landmark judgement today announced that passive euthanasia will now be allowed for patients who are in or likely to slip into long vegetative states.

Crisis in Public Health System in India

PUBLIC HEALTH Health care is important for the individual and the societal need and when the state fails to ensure quality healthcare, a large section of the masses suffer. How can the public healthcare system be democratised and quality be ensured? Mahendran Arumugam

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