Monday, May 23, 2022

Tag: Meghalaya

The Dilution of the RTI Act and Agnes Kharshiing’s Struggle Against Illegal Coal Mining...

Illegal coal mining in Meghalaya endangers both ecology and human life, activist and human-rights champion Agnes Kharshiing continues her fight while the RTI stands heavily weakened.

Heavy Floods Hit Assam:Critical Days Ahead

Heavy monsoons have generated tremendous havoc for the state of Assam, as floods displace more than a million and kill at least ten.

No Country For Miners: The Death of Miners in India’s ‘Banned’ Rat-Hole Mines

The mining sector is poorly regulated and hardly has any adherence to the safety standards to ensure that miners have safety of working conditions. The recent entrapment of fifteen miners in a rat-hole mine in Meghalaya and their subsequent deaths makes the discussion on India’s mining sector relevant.

Meghalaya Mines Turn into Death Chambers for Workers

Twenty days have passed since fifteen miners were trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya. The search for them goes on amid political buck-passing.

The vulgarity of ‘classism’ and the naked truth of the ‘elites’

A recent incident in Delhi’s Golf Club where a woman was badly treated and forcibly taken out despite being formally invited only on the account of being inappropriately dressed to suit the standards of the place is a reminder of the still prevalent ‘colonial’ mind-sets that many of us in India still hold.

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